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The boy in the striped pyjamas

The boy in the striped pyjamas

The boy in the striped pyjamas

Forfatter: John Boyne

Norsk lyd- og blindeskriftbibliotek, 2017
5 t. 48 min.
Passer for:
Simon Lay

Fra forlagets omtale: Nine year old Bruno knows nothing of the Final Solution and the Holocaust. He is oblivious to the appalling cruelties being inflicted on the people of Europe by his country. All he knows is that he has been moved from a comfortable home in Berlin to a house in a desolate area where there is nothing to do and no-one to play with. Until he meets Shmuel, a boy who lives a strange parallel existence on the other side of the adjoining wire fence and who, like the other people there, wears a uniform of striped pyjamas.

Anbefalt av NLB

Dette er historien om ung gutt, og vi får høre hvordan han ser verden når livet hans endrer seg. Boka har veldig mange detaljer til ettertanke.

Anbefalt av Ammar Usama