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Norsk lyd- og blindeskriftbibliotek, 2022
10 t. 29 min.
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William Talesyntese
282747, 382747
Fra forlagets omtale: Philosophers have frequently extolled the value of reflective self-examination, and a wide range of philosophers, who differ on many other things, have argued that reflection can help to solve a number of significant philosophical problems. The importance of reflecting on one’s beliefs and desires has been viewed as the key to solving problems about justification and knowledge; about reasoning; about the nature of freedom; and about the source of normativity. In each case, a problem is identified which reflective self-examination is thought to address. This book argues that reflection cannot solve any of these problems. There is a common structure to these issues, it is argued, and the problems which reflection is thought to resolve are ones which could not possibly be solved by reflecting on one’s beliefs and desires.