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Facts about NLB

The Norwegian Library of Talking Books and Braille (NLB) is a library service provided by the National Library of Norway. NLB creates and provides accessible literature. The service is free of charge and available nationwide.

NLB-bygget på Solli plass

On July 1, 2023, NLB transitioned from being a separate entity to becoming the Department of Accessible Literature within the National Library of Norway. NLB's mission and services will continue as a service provided by the National Library.

The Service

NLB produces and lends out talking books, e-books, and books in Braille. We offer books for all age groups. Our services also encompass textbooks for students attending university, university college and vocational college.

We collaborate nationally and internationally with other producers of accessible literature.

Societal Mission

In Norway, there are several hundred thousand individuals with visual impairments, dyslexia, or other disabilities that hinder their ability to read standard text and conventional books. NLB aims to enable them to participate in society on equal terms with others.

«A society where everyone has access to literature and information» is NLB's vision and what we strive to achieve. 

  • NLB will contribute in making more publications accessible by promoting universal design to commercial operators
  • Our public library services should contribute to increased societal participation
  • We will collaborate with public libraries to ensure that the needs of our target audience are catered for
  • Students with visual impairments, dyslexia or other reading difficulties should have access to educational litterature that give them the same conditions as other students


  • Library borrowers should be satisfied with the range and quality of the service
  • We aim to have a high percentage of active borrowers and work towards increasing reading among children and young adults
  • More individuals within our target audience should become aware of NLB, and more should become borrowers
  • NLB aims to build competence and operate efficiently, based on our values and a positive work environment


NLB's values are professionalism, respect, and inclusion. We strive to comply to these both internally and in contact with our surroundings.

Organizational Structure

The NLB service is operated by 40 employees within the Department of Accessible Literature at the National Library of Norway. The National Library is under the authority of the Ministry of Culture and Equality.