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NLB has a large selection of braille books for children, adolescents and adults. You can borrow books in all genres, from crime and fantasy to biographies, short stories and historical novels.

We produce what you want to read

Is there something you would like to read in braille that is not available in our collection? Tell us what you would like! To the extent possible, we produce what you wish to borrow.

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New braille reader?

We offer braille for all levels. For beginners it is possible to start reading  books with double line spacing and single-sided print. Tell us the form in which you would like to have the book, and contact us for help finding books that suit your level.

How to read picture books for sighted children 

To enable braille readers to read for sighted children we produce ordinary picture books with braille printed on transparent sheets. 

Find a list of available titles

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Subscribe to texts in braille

Join one of our braille clubs. You will receive selected texts in braille every month.

  • Short story club – Norwegian and translated short stories, both new titles and classics. Choose between single and double line spacing.
  • Poetry club – a small selection of poems on various subjects. Single line spacing.
  • Lifestyle club – various topics such as self-development, sports and nutrition. Single line spacing.
  • Food club – 4–5 tempting recipes. Single line spacing.

Join one of our braille clubs

Reading exercise for children learning braille

The Braille Club is for children of primary school age learning how to read braille.

As a member of the club, you will receive easy-to-read texts in braille every month. The texts are varied and could consist of anything from songs and fairy tales to recipes. Twice a year we send out an overview of upcoming texts, along with a little surprise.

You can choose between single and double line spacing.

Join the Braile Club

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