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Talking books

NLB has a large selection of talking books for children, adolescents and adults. You can borrow books in every genre, from crime and serial novels to contemporary literature, biographies and science fiction. We also have a rich selection of talking books in English.

We produce most of the talking books in our own studios. In addition, we purchase audio books from commercial producers.

Test our books

In our guest library (in Norwegiann) we give you a taste of NLB's large collection of talking books. Just press play – you do not have to sign in to listen. Listen to a short story, an article or a chapter in a book.

This is what users say about our talking books:

  • My son is completely engrossed in the talking books. It’s wonderful for a dyslexic to experience how the fascinating world of books becomes accessible. (Father of 10 year old boy  with dyslexia)
  • Reading books was the worst thing I knew. My teacher said that I should borrow talking books from NLB. Now I read fluently using my ears – and enjoy it. (Girl aged 17 with dyslexia).
  • The selection is marvellous! I listen to exciting, funny, entertaining and instructive books … (Man aged 59, visually impaired after a stroke)
  • The talking books brighten up my day. They are great companions and I also keep myself up to date.  (Woman aged 76, partially sighted)

You can listen to our talking books on a mobile, tablet, PC/MAC/Chromebook or a DAISY-player.

Audio textbooks from Statped

NLB and Statped collaborate on lending of talking books. Statped produces audio textbooks from 1st to 13th grade. You can borrow them from NLB's bookbase, in the same way you borrow NLB´s books.

Read about textbooks at Statped. (in Norwegian)