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Lending from other countries and libraries

NLB gives you access to books from other countries and in various languages. We also collaborate with Statped and KABB.

Statped Textbooks

You can borrow textbooks from 1st to 13th grade directly from NLB's book base. To borrow the books, use the app Lydhør or on My page in the same way as other talking books.

NLB and Statped collaborate on lending of books.

Learn more abour Statped.
Learn more abour Textbooks from Statped (in Norwegian)

KABB – Christian Association for the Visually Impaired in Norway

KABB produces and lends out religious  talking books. The service is free for all who can document visual impairment or reading difficulties. KABB and NLB collaborate in distributing talking books.

Learn more about KABB 

Books in English

NLB has a large number of audiobooks in English, for children, young adults and adults. Each year we purchase around 250 new titles. We also record books in English in our own studios, and produce braille titles in English.

A selection of NLB’s titles in English

Become a member of Bookshare

As a user  at NLB you can become a member of Bookshare, the world’s largest accessible online library for people with print disabilities. Bookshare gives you access to around 250 000 e-book titles with synthetic speech. The collection includes student literature, fiction and non-fiction. NLB pays the membership fee and assists with registration.

Registration with Bookshare:

  • Go to Bookshare and Sign Up.
  • Register yourself as an "Individual Member". Tick the box to indicate that you can document your reading difficulties.
  • Complete personal information and choose a password.
  • Accept the conditions of membership under "Membership Terms".
  • Send an e-mail to NLB with the following text: "I have registered as a member of Bookshare. Please confirm that I have documented reading difficulties."

Lending books from MTM in Sweden

We can lend you books from our Swedish partner library MTM (Swedish Agency for Accessible Media).

MTM has a diverse selection of Braille and talking books, both in Swedish and other languages. MTM offers literature in approximately 50 different foreign languages, and has a large selection of student literature.

Search for books from MTM and contact utlaan@nlb.no if you find books that you would like to borrow. Contact studenttjenesten@nlb.no if it concerns student literature.

Become a member of NOTA in Denmark

As a user  at NLB, you can also borrow books from NOTA (Danish National Library for Persons with Print Disabilities). NOTA has an extensive collection of Braille and talking books, mainly in Danish but also in other languages.

Read more about NOTA

Contact NLB for verification of your registration form if you wish to become a member of NOTA. 

International database of talking books – ABC

We can find books for you in an international database containing more than 300 000 audiobook titles. The book database is a collaboration between  many different countries. The work is lead by the Accessible Books Consortium (ABC). The database includes student literature and fiction  in more than 55 different languages.