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Students with reading difficulties can borrow textbooks from NLB as talking books. The service is free for students at universities, university colleges and vocational colleges.

Book selection

We have talking books in numerous subjects: Psychology, Economics, Law, Social Work, Learning Disability Nursing, Nursing and Educational Science for the kindergarten and primary/lower secondary school are among the subjects well covered. NLB produces new titles continously. We also borrow books from MTM, our partner library in Sweden.

Find books

It is easy to search for books at NLB and MTM. If you find books you would like like to borrow from MTM, get in touch with the student service at NLB 

Search for textbooks in NLB’s database 
Search in the database of the Swedish library MTM (Legimus)

Synthetic speech

The textbooks are mainly talking books produced with synthetic speech.  These books are accompanied by text, so that you can listen and follow the text in parallel on the screen.

Production of textbooks

Blind and severely partially sighted students are entitled to production of textbooks . An ophthalmologist or teacher for the visually impaired must confirm the visual impairment. See criteria for right to production of literature (in Norwegian).

Ask the student service

If you do not find the books you are searching for, you can contact the student service at NLB. They can help you to locate books on your reading list.

E-mail: studenttjenesten@nlb.no


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Spesialbibliotekar, fag- og studielitteratur

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