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Students with difficulties reading due to visual impairment or reading disabilities can borrow accessible textbooks from NLB. The service is free for students attending university, university college and vocational college.

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Book selection

We continuously expand our selection, and offer both e-books and talking books with text covering numerous subjects.

Find books

Search for books in our collection and sign them out yourself. You can stream our books, but we do recommend downloading. You can also access books from MTM, our partner library in Sweden. Let us know if you find books you would like to borrow at MTM. 

Search for textbooks in NLB’s database 
Search in the database of the Swedish library MTM (Legimus)

As a library user at NLB, you can also borrow from the American digital library, Bookshare. At Bookshare you gat access to several hundred thousand e-book titles with speech synthesis, both textbooks, fiction and non-fiction. Contact us if you want to become a Bookshare-member. 

Talking books or e-books

Choose whether you want to borrow textbooks as talking books with text or e-books. Individual needs and preferences makes it difficult to recommend one over the other, so find out what works best for you!

Talking books with text

Talking books with text are usually made with speech synthesis, a program that turns digital text into speech. The text is included so that you can both listen and read the text on-screen.

Speech synthesis can take some time getting used to, but most people find it is a good tool for consuming text.


Starting in 2020, NLB now offers a large selection of textbooks in e-book format. The e-books contain only text and can be read on PC/MAC, tablet/mobile, Kindle/PocketBook, and Braille display. Within Lydhør you can hear the text with our built-in speech synthesis. 

E-books download faster and take up less space than talking books.

Read more about e-books and how to borrow and use them. (In Norwegian)

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Production of textbooks

Blind and severely partially sighted students are entitled to the production of textbooks. An ophthalmologist or teacher for the visually impaired must confirm the visual impairment. See criteria for right to production of literature (in Norwegian).

Do you need help?

We can answer questions and help you locate books on your reading list.

E-mail: studenttjenesten@nlb.no


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