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Who can join?

NLB is a library for children, adolescents, adults and students with print disabilities. Anyone who has difficulties reading printed text due to disability or illness may join NLB.

Reasons to become a borrower may be:

  • Impaired vision that can not be corrected with glasses
  • Dyslexia and other reading difficulties
  • ADHD
  • Physical impairment that makes it difficult to hold and read a book (such as CP, ME and Parkinson's)
  • Cognitive challenges or speech impairments due to illness or injury

NLB´s offer does not apply to minority speakers who want talking books to practice Norwegian. People who have a native language other than Norwegian also need a reading disability as described here, to join.

Temporary membership

You can apply to register temporarily (1 year) if you have a disease or injury and need talking books for a limited period of time.


Children and adolescents who need audio textbooks, must be registered by the school at Statped Skolelydbok. When you are registered with Statped, you can also borrow books from NLB's book collection with the same borrower number and PIN.

Parents who want to register children as NLB borrowers do so on our website. Pupils should only be enrolled in one place, but can borrow fiction and textbooks at both NLB and Statped Skolelydbok.

Institutional borrowers

Institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes can register to lend on behalf of people who need talking books and meet the terms.

Public libraries can register and try the service offered by NLB. In this way they can assist people in the target groups to become members.

Schools must register with Statped Skolelydbok.

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