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Our service

NLB produces and lends out talking books and books in braille. We have books for children as well as adults. Our service also includes course literature for students at universities, university colleges and tertiary vocational colleges

Talking books

We have crime, fiction, thrillers, series, poetry, short stories, novels and non-fiction. Thousands of talking books to suit all tastes. 

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We produce books you want to read in braille. We have several thousand braille books in our collection, and we produce braille books on demand.

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Student with reading difficulties? Receive textbooks as talking books! We have several thousand books in various subjects. We also borrow books from other countries.

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We have 49 talking newspapers that you can subscribe to. You can also borrow individual issues if you prefer. 


We have the magazines Hjemmet, Vi menn, Illustrert vitenskap and many more audio versions of periodicals and journals. Subscribe or borrow individual issues.

Tactile books

A tactile book is a book with tactile pictures in different materials and textures. The books can bring great pleasure to blind and partially sighted children.