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Facts about NLB

The Norwegian Library of Talking Books and Braille (NLB) produces and lends out talking books and braille books. We have books for children as well as adults.

NLB-bygget på Solli plass


NLB works to ensure that everyone has equal access to literature and information. Our main task is to enable persons with print disabilities  to participate in society on an equal footing with others.

NLB is a state library under the Ministry of culture. The library offers a free, nation-wide service.

The service

NLB produces and lends out talking books and braille books. In addition to fiction and non-fiction for all age groups, we also produce and distribute textbooks in accessible formats for students at universities, university colleges and vocational schools.

NLB cooperates both nationally and internationally with other producers of accessible literature.

Key figures

  • NLB's collection of fiction and non-fiction: 18 800 talking book titles and 6 700 titles in braille.
  • NLB's collection of textbooks: 8 900 titles, divided between talking books and e-books.
  • NLB has 100 000 members and 40 emplyees.


Key points of the strategic plan for the period 2019-2024:


  • NLB will contribute in making more publications accessible by promoting universal design to commercial operators
  • We will provide a public library service that will encourage community participation
  • We will cooperate with public libraries to ensure that the needs of our target group are catered for
  • Students with disabilities shall have access to educational material that guarantee them the same conditions as other students


  • All electronic releases must be universally designed
  • Library users are satisfied with the range and quality of offered literature
  • We strive towards a high proportion of active users, and ensuring an increase in reading among children and young adults
  • NLB will be more known within our target demographic, as well as an increased number of users
  • NLB aims to build competence and operate efficiently, based on our values and a good working environment


NLB's values are professionalism, respect, and inclusion. We strive to comply to these both internally and in contact with our surroundings.