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Norsk lyd- og blindeskriftbibliotek, 2023
14 hefter (716 s.)
Kjærlighet, Spenning
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185251, 385251
Fra forlagets omtale: At seventeen years old and already in her sophomore year at NYU, Casey sheds disguises effortlessly. It’s how she navigates school and avoids the second-guessing that’s plagued her since she and her boyfriend Marcus got together. But then Casey starts hearing voices that terrify her so badly she flees to the remote beach town of Avon Shores where she can sort through her thoughts and reset. But the voices only get more intense and are now accompanied by visions of places she’s never been and people she’s never met, like Jake who’s lived in Avon Shores his whole life. There’s no way Casey could know him, yet she feels an immediate connection. And, crazier still: he feels it too.